Medical Marijuana 2015 - "The Phoenix Rises"
A Special Thanks from Flash

Thank you for all of the people who participated in the 17th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert! This year has been about overcoming adversity and building more momentum.


Starting off with the defeat during the recent election, we had to reorganize and analyze how the medical marijuana movement reaches out to people and addresses the public’s concerns. At the same time, it is important to recognize how apathy, low voter turnout and the assumption that Amendment 2 was a “done deal” effected the results. Although it should be acknowledged that 58% approval is very significant and shows that a majority of voters want to see marijuana law reform in Florida.

Currently there are 23 states, plus Washington D.C., that have sanctioned medical marijuana. In addition, full legalization is approved in 3 states and Washington D.C. It should be noted that Florida has passed a CBD law, but it is limited and does not address the broader needs of the public.


Fortunately a coalition of organizations are collecting signatures to put medical marijuana on the 2016 ballot. In addition, the Florida Legislature currently has bills addressing medical marijuana and full legalization. We need to contact our elected officials to support these bills, move them through the committees and vote in favor of reform. It is time to take action and participate in the process. The phone calls are easy and the politicians do take notice.


Special thanks goes to the Board of Directors and Members of NORML of Florida, especially Karen Goldstein. Crucial thanks goes out to all of the performers who participated and contributed to this event! BIG THANKS goes to Grand Central for their support. A special thanks to all of the sponsors who have contributed to this event. Also a BIG THANKS to the Ploppy Palace Production Crew and all of the volunteers who helped to make this come together!


Thank you for your effort.

Funk Finder, Ploppy Palace Productions


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2014 (16th Annual) T-shirts still available!

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16th Annual (2014) Photographs

Benefit Photo

See 246 photographs from the 16th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert in January, 2014 at our final benefit at the legendary Tobacco Road. (Images: One Love Miami Photography)

An Everglades Awareness Thanks from Flash

I want to thank everyone who was involved and attended the 7th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit Concert! It was a very positive event all around and together we made some good things happen! Protecting the Everglades is a group project and it requires lots of people from all around the community to participate!

With this event, we featured a diverse selection of musicians, poets, visual artists and performers who shared their voices in the name of Everglades protection. In addition, we had community speakers presenting information about ecology and public policy. As an all ages gathering, we had younger people and families involved as well. The energy was lively and fun!

BIG THANKS to all of the performers and artists! Special thanks to 7th Circuit Productions for hosting the event and handling the technical aspects - GREAT JOB! SUPER THANKS to Mr-Houston Cypress and the Miccosukee Tribe for sponsoring the event and bringing in the financial support - without you, this event would not have happened!

Protecting the Everglades is a long term project and we still have lots of work to do! We are building up for the election in Nov! VOTE YES on Amendment 1!
We are already making plans for the 8th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit Concert and connecting this into a statewide movement! We had people from all around South Florida and beyond involved, but we need more people to make a stronger impact! Good things are happening and we have to keep pushing!

Thank you all for your effort!



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7th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit Photographs

Benefit Photo

See 177 photographs (images by One Love Miami Photography) of the 7th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit in May, 2014 at 7th Circuit Productions!

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